Vocabulary 1

Here is the vocabulary list for lesson 1.

Notice the middle columns. On the left after the characters, you will see the standard zhuyin pronunciation guide. This is mostly used in Taiwan in books for young learners. In the middle, you have the closest attempt I could think of to help you pronounce the words a bit better. On the right just before the meaning, you have standard pinyin which can be found in mainland China for young learners.

Of course listening to the audio file while you read would be best.

You will see that it is color coded. This is due to the extreme importance of tones in the Chinese language.

Here is the code:

  • First tone: Green (Easy)
  • Second tone: Blue (Comfortable)
  • Third tone: Purple (Fun)
  • Fourth tone: Red (Mean)

In the "Sentences" section, you'll notice that some characters are in bold while the corresponding pinyin is underlined. That's because these words could potentially be substituted for something else. Try to create various sentences with what you learn!

SVC901 Vocabulary Practice.pdf
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